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Brіdgerton Seаson 3 аctor getѕ frіendzoned by Reаl Houѕewife Brynn Whіtfіeld

A Netflix X Real Housewives of New York crossover was a connection that no TV watcher could have predicted. 

Brynn Whitfield is one of the only housewives who isn’t actually married. In fact, she’s never been married before (which kind of goes against the concept of the show).

Because of this, fans have been shipping her with every other single person in her vicinity and this time around, it’s a very popular actor that any Netflix subscriber would know and love.

On May 17, Brynn took to social media to share a few photos of herself attending a star-studded event in New York. From RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Rose to journalist Kate Couric, the lineup was jaw-dropping.

But one person who everyone has been focused on is Luke Newton, who you might recognize from Season 3 of Bridgerton. He plays the character Colin on the show, who has an on-screen romantic relationship with his co-star Nicola Coughlan.

Not only were Brynn and Luke sitting together but there was even a rumor shared on Instagram that he kissed her while they were at the restaurant.

This new romance theory comes days after Brynn admitted that her crush on Southern Charm star Shep Rose didn’t end up working out and that she prefers a man who is “way too busy” to film RHONY with her. Which, given his hectic Netflix schedule, would make Luke a strong contender.

However, the reality TV star took to the comments section of the IG post to set the record straight.

“Flattered but definitely not true. Very much a gentleman and I’m very happy to call everyone from the dinner a new and dear friend,” Brynn wrote.

Time for fans to get back to the drawing board to figure out who will be her future husband.